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IABSE is the Association for Structural Engineering with the mission to exchange knowledge and to advance the practice of structural engineering worldwide in the service of the profession and society.

For this purpose, the Association:

  • Organises Conferences, Symposia and Congresses worldwide
  • Publishes SEI Structural Engineering International, a technical and Scientific peer-reviewed high-quality journal distributed to all its members quarterly. Also available to non-members for subscription
  • Publishes SED Structural Engineering Document and Case Study, reflecting the work of its Technical Groups
  • Creates TG Technical Groups, as required by new needs and technological progress
  • Encourages activities of its National Groups to stimulate activities and involvement of its members locally
  • Offers YEP Programme for young engineers to be active at the early stage of their career
  • Provides recognition to the enthusiastic and top Structural Engineers in the industry by presents IABSE Awards.

Due to its global membership of almost 100 countries, this Online Shop is created to enable IABSE to offer the flexibility and wide variety of online payment options to its members.

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