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IABSE Conference, Guangzhou, China, May 8-11, 2016
Bridges and Structures Sustainability — Seeking Intelligent Solutions


  1. Structural Sustainability-Statics
  2. Structural Sustainability-Dynamics
  3. Structural Sustainability-Design
  4. Intelligent Solutions-Control
  5. Intelligent Solutions-SHM
  6. Intelligent Solutions-Performance Evaluation
  7. High-Performance Materials
  8. Challenges in Major Projects-Bridges
  9. Challenges in Major Projects-Buildings
  10. Challenges in Major Projects-Tunnels
  11. Challenges in Major Projects-Construction & Management



Bridges and Structures Sustainability —Seeking Intelligent Solutions (ePDF)

In today’s society, the idea of sustainability is possibly more prevalent than at any other point and time, especially for infrastructures that are expected to last for long life and to serve as landmarks of the city and the country. Civil engineers and future civil engineers play a vital role in the sustainable development in meeting the needs of the society. A Civil Engineer’s utmost responsibility is sustainability and to seek its solutions. Therefore, the theme of the conference lies on “Bridges and Structures Sustainability—Seeking Intelligent Solutions”.
China, the whole country, is an example, where traditional culture and modern trends co-exist in harmony to a certain degree with merits/drawbacks and with focused topics for open discussion.