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IABSE Conference – Engineering the Developing World
April 25-27 2018, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


  1. Large Scale Infrastructure Projects
  2. Engineering Innovations for Rapid Urbanisation
  3. Towards Achieving a Low Carbon Footprint
  4. Harmonising New and Old
  5. The Future of Aesthetic Design


Engineering the Developing World (ePDF)

We aim to show a wide range of ideas, designs, built projects, current research and future initiatives with contributions from around the world. A global forum for sharing the art and science of civil and structural engineering. The conference has a number of themes; the largest number of contributions are to the large-scale infrastructure projects theme. Perhaps no surprise, with the major projects currently underway locally in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and Indonesia. The mega projects of China and India are only a few hours away. Engineering innovations for rapid urbanisation is another popular theme with urban railway clearly now favoured over congested highways. Harmonising new and old and the future of aesthetic design are important issues touched on in our keynote sessions. We have some seminar sessions on the programme to stimulate debate, one from Bridges to Prosperity outlining projects in not yet developed parts of our world. The last but not least of the themes is Towards achieving a low Carbon Footprint, an important consideration for a developed and developing world.