IABSE Conference Nara 2015 (ePDF)

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The IABSE Conference, Nara, May 13 -15, 2015
Elegance in Structures


  1. Aesthetic Design
  2. Elegant Structure
  3. Historical Structures
  4. New Application of Materials to Structure
  5. New Technological Advances on Sustainability
  6. New Structural Form
  7. Innovations of Analysis, Design, and Construction
  8. Smart Solution to Mitigate Natural Disaster


Elegance in Structures (ePDF)

Japan is a country with a long history of pioneering and innovation in structural engineering, especially in bridges and buildings. It is also a country with a long history of natural disaster; earthquake, typhoon and harsh environmental conditions. Similar to development in other aspects, important features of innovations in Japanese structural engineering are consideration to the detail and fine finishing. Therefore, designing and delivering the structural engineering innovations always require a delicate balance between developing new technology against harsh natural conditions and the demand for fine finishing, which manifests itself in a form of elegant structure – the main theme of this conference.

Within the general theme of Elegance in Structure, the conference covers the following topics: Aesthetic Design, Elegant Structure, Historical Structures, New Application of Materials to Structure, New Technological Advances on Sustainability, New Structural Form, Innovations of Analysis, Design, and Construction, and Smart Solution to Mitigate Natural Disaster.
The Conference program includes presentation of over 240 papers, divided into 9 plenary keynote lectures from world-renowned experts, 25 session keynotes and 210 technical presentations.