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IABSE CONGRESS STOCKHOLM 2016 – Challenges in Design and Construction of an Innovativeand Sustainable Built Environment

1) Flexible, human friendly and traffic efficient structures
2) Cost efficiency in design and construction
3) Contracts and the procurement process
4) Digitalisation as an enabler in the construction industry
5) Low-intrusive construction and maintenance
6) Safety of temporary structures
7) Strengthening and retrofitting of aging infrastructure
8) Confidence in implementing innovations
9) Practical use of multi-criteria decision making through big data
10) Structural safety and risk assessment; systems in different countries
11) Product Category Rules (PCR) as a base for Environmental Product Declarations (EPD)
12) General or other challenges in design and construction
13) Forensic engineering


The Conference aims to inspire structural engineers and infrastructure managers to help forming and maintaining an innovative and sustainable built environment. The enormous impact and longtime effect of the built environment motivates us to catch the opportunities that we have in front of us and helps us ensure the best decisions by politicians and other decision makers.
The conference format is chosen to facilitate debates and discussions. Each session will be actively lead and animated by Session Facilitators. Participants will explicitly have the possibility to mutually interact productively via session styles that will encourage interaction.
Valuable results identifying new subjects for further research and debates will be identified by the Session Facilitators and the Scientific Committee for further consideration by IABSE’s Technical Committee. New collaborations may be suggested to bring identified subjects forward in the coming years. It is hoped that active conference participants will return home enriched by substantial more knowledge and as part of a global network of experts in structural engineering.