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During the last two decades, remarkable progress has been made toward the better understanding of the performance of the reinforced concrete buildings when subjected to destructive earthquake motions. The volume examines the literature with regard to analytical method for modeling their dynamic failure, and is intended to provide a summary report on the current state of the art.

The survey places major emphasis on formulations of a basically empirical nature. Its necessity arises mostly from the complexities inherent in the inelastic and hysteric response of reinforced concrete. Important aspects are first reviewed for the microscopic or member-by-member modelings, while the interest is then taken in the macroscopic or simple modelings of overall behavior. The advantages and limitations as well as the directions of future improvement are noted by including simple illustrations. In particular, the examination emphasizes unsatisfactory state of the art for a reliable description of the out-of-plane failure process of structure.

An extensive presentation of the bibliography features this publication, dealing with the literature up until the middle of 1980 and covering no less than 300 papers. The work will contribute to bringing structural engineers up-to-date with the methods of strong-motion response analysis for reinforced concrete frames.

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