SED 4 (ePDF) Ship Collision With Bridges

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Ship Collision with Bridges
The Interaction between Vessel Traffic and Bridge Structures
Any structure in navigable waters constitutes a hazard to shipping and is itself vulnerable to damage or destruction in the event of vessel collision. Worldwide vessel traffic and the average size of vessels continue to increase. At the same time, ever more bridges crossing navigable waterways are being planned and constructed, sometimes with inadequate navigation clearance and/or inadequate protection.
The objective of this publication is to provide information and guidelines for engineers charged with the planning and design of new bridges, navigation channels, and prevention and protection measures. It offers advice on upgrading and retrofitting existing bridges and navigation channels. And it provides the means to evaluate the safety of bridges, vessels, persons and the environment.
After reviewing some basics of navigation and vessel traffic, and considering risk acceptance and collision risk, the publication examines vessel impact forces on bridges and proposes appropriate bridge design criteria. Prevention measures, such as regulations and management systems and protection measures and systems are also described.
Major international research projects have provided the analytical basis for the publication, including the development of vessel collision guide specifications for the Federal Highway Administration in the USA and the vessel collision design criteria developed for the Great Belt Crossing in Denmark.
Prepared by Ole Damgaard LARSEN, Chairman of the IABSE Working Group “Ship Collision with Bridges”, this 132 page publication is a must for any engineer dealing with structures in navigable waters.

ISBN 3-85748-079-3


In June 1983 a colloquium on “Ship Collision with Bridges and Offshore Structures” was held in Copenhagen under the auspices of the International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering (IABSE). The colloquium was initiated by the Danish Group of IABSE with the background of comprehensive investigations in this field in connection with the fixed crossing of the Great Belt in Denmark.
The colloquium brought together bridge and offshore engineers, naval architects, navigational experts, risk assessment specialists, etc. with the view to exchange information on this subject.
After the colloquium, the IABSE Working Commission 1 “Structural Performance, Safety and Analysis”, established a Working Group for preparing a guideline or a state-of-the-art report.

The development of this publication took its basis from the proceedings of the international col­loquium in Copenhagen in 1983.
Since the colloquium, important research has been carried out in connection with development of national codes and standards for bridge design and in connection with planning and design of major bridge projects.