SED 8 (ePDF) Use and Application of High-Performance Steels for Steel Structures

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Use and Application of High-Performance Steels for Steel Structures, edited by Hans-Peter Günther, ISBN3-85748-113-7, published in 2005. New steel production processes have led to a remarkable improvement in steel products within the last few years, and now allows steels to be produced according to the desired mechanical and chemical properties. High Performance Steel (HPS) is the designation given to this new generation of steels that offer higher performance not only in terms of strength but also toughness, weldability, cold formability and corrosion resistance, compared to the traditionally used mild steel grades.


Due to their good material and fabrication properties, High-Performance Steels (HPS) are finding an ever increasing use in structural applications, especially in bridge design. However, the development and the code requirements of the various countries and regions in the world differ markedly from each other.  With this background, the members of Working Commission 2 of the International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering (IABSE), especially Prof. Joel Raoul from SETRA, Paris, had the idea of preparing a state-of-the-art document on the use and application of this new generation of steel grades. This proposal, supported by the chairperson of Working Commission 2, Prof. Dr Ulrike Kuhlmann, was the starting point for the preparation of this document.
In comparison to existing Structural Engineering Documents which were written by only one or two experts, this document includes contributions from a number of experienced international authors showing the worldwide development of High-Performance Steels.