SED 9 (print) Cable Vibrations in Cable-Stayed Bridges

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Cable Vibrations in Cable-Stayed Bridges, by Prof. Elsa de Sa Caetano, ISBN 978-3-85748-115-4, published in 2007. The fifty years of experience of construction of cable-stayed bridges since their establishment as a new category among the classical types have brought an immense progress, ranging from design and conception to materials, analysis, construction, observation and retrofitting. The growing construction of cable-stayed bridges has also triggered researchers’ and designers’ attention to the problem of cable vibrations. Intensive research has been developed all over the world during the last two decades as a consequence of the numerous cases of cable vibrations exhibited by all types of cable-stayed bridges.

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The numerous episodes of cable vibration exhibited by different types of cable-stayed bridges all over the world have posed a strong demand to understand and control the involved phenomena. Intensive studies have been conducted during the last two decades, serving directly the designers’ needs and at the same time framed by academic research projects funded by national science institutions and authorities interested in producing guidelines and codes for the safe design and assessment of their structures.
The present book provides a comprehensive survey on the existing and published knowledge related to cable vibrations, focusing on the governing phenomena, on the methodologies to assess their effects and on the design of control devices.

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